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Heather Bledsoe


Welcome to Mrs. Bledsoe’s classroom page!

We are working with a few new strategies this year including grading practices, mastery of standards, opportunities to retest to reach mastery and student data notebooks. These may be new to the students and we are learning how to utilize these resources to make the most of each moment we have in class. Please know you may contact me via email or Remind anytime or via phone in the mornings if you have questions about activities or content in my classroom.  

Attendance is a major factor for student success and we track this daily. Please make sure students are in school as much as possible. We understand illness happens; however, other than those rare occassions, I really want to see my students in class. 

It is important we work together to help our young people reach their full potential, and I know I cannot do it without you. Thank you for your support of your child’s education! 


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